Considering Medtronic DBS Therapy? Have a candid, one-on-one conversation with one of our DBS Ambassadors. These DBS Therapy volunteers are currently receiving DBS Therapy and are happy to share their experience. They are not medical experts or Medtronic employees – they are people who you can connect with to discuss living with DBS.


Talk to a registered nurse who is experienced with Medtronic DBS Therapy. The expert nurse can answer questions like:

How does DBS Therapy work?
How will I know if DBS Therapy is right for me?
What results can I expect?

Our expert nurse can help you understand what to expect before, during, and after receiving DBS Therapy.


What was the procedure like?

What does stimulation feel like?

How has the treatment helped you?

|Welcome to the Support LinkSM Registration Page! By registering for the Support LinkSM Program you will have access to a range of material relating to Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy (DBS). The program is not restricted to people with Parkinson’s disease and is open to everyone who wishes to learn more about this treatment option in general.

As part of the program Medtronic will send you a series of emails containing links to access different information about DBS, taking you on a journey through our available material. The material includes:

1) The chance to listen to DBS experts via our online recorded Webinars and find answers to some of your questions regarding DBS Therapy.
2) The opportunity to connect with people who have received DBS therapy – “DBS Ambassadors”. The ambassadors will call you and share their experiences, while you can also ask relevant questions
3) The option to talk to an expert DBS nurse and discuss the treatment.
4) An online questionnaire that will assess someone’s suitability for DBS and better prepare them for their next doctor’s appointment.
5) Patient testimonies to watch online and much more

Below we have set out a few questions. The answers to these questions will help us to present the material in a sequence suited to your information preferences. Your answers will not limit your access to any of our material but simply tailor the order in which you receive material. You will always have access to all the content provided along your journey on our website in the order of your choice.

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Please note that Medtronic DBS therapy is not for everyone. Not everyone will receive the same results. For further information please consult with a specialist doctor.


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